Plant-based tips for eating at Roti Mediterranean. Vegan menu options for Roti explained.


Roti is by far one of our favorite Mediterranean fast-casual restaurants in the game. Their falafel is super legit and their add-on options separate them from the pack! In general, most Mediterranean spots lend themselves very well to plant-based diets. Don't slip on this one! We highly suggest making Roti one of your staple go-to vegan spots when you're looking for a quick bite.



Here's some high-level suggestions on how to enhance your plant-based experience at Roti:

  • Our go-to is the falafel rice plate or the falafel salad. And don't let the salad fool you! You are in for some hearty, healthy goodness.

  • Not all of their sauces are vegan. But don't get it twisted – their plant-based options are super dope. You can choose from tahini, red s'hug, or green s'hug. We usually go with a double-dip of tahini and red s'hug.

  • Don't forget to add their seasonal side (it's usually vegan) and fresh vegetables to your rice plate or salad. You won't regret it!



Here's your options from top to bottom:

  • Start with a base:

    • Rice Plate - they use a non-GMO basmati and wild rice blend

    • Falafel Salad - they offer several types of greens to choose from as your base.

    • Pita Sandwich - hearty, whole wheat pita.

  • Add your protein:

    • Falafel

  • Sides & Toppings:

    • Hummus, tomato & cucumber, red cabbage slaw, couscous, fresh vegetables, mixed greens, seasonal side (it's usually vegan but always check), olives, pickled onions, and chopped cilantro.

  • Sauces:

    • Red s'hug, green s'hug, and tahini



Hand-picked favorites from the BLOK founders:

  • Falafel rice plate (or salad) with tahini, red s'hug, hummus, tomato & cucumber, red cabbage slaw, cous cous, fresh vegetables, and the seasonal side. You are in for a treat!