Plant-based tips for eating at Chipotle. Vegan menu options for Chipotle explained.


One thing Chipotle has going for it is they're everywhere. With over 2000 locations and counting, Chipotle is a good fall-back option when you're traveling or simply don't have many other choices. Recognizing that catering to plant-eaters was good for business, Chipotle added Sofritas to the menu a few years ago. So while the plant-based options at Chipotle aren't numerous, with the addition of Sofritas, it's a solid choice.



Here's some high-level suggestions on how to enhance your plant-based experience at Chipotle:

  • What is Sofritas? In short, it's Chipotle's proprietary blend of tofu and spices. We highly suggest trying it. But if soy isn't your thing, veggie and bean burritos, tacos, or salads are still dope AF.

  • All the salsas are plant-based

  • All the tortillas, including the flour tortillas for burritos and tacos, hard shell tacos and the chips, are plant-based

  • Both white and brown rice are plant-based

  • Both black and pinto beans are plant-based



While Chipotle has a limited menu in general, there's still has a bunch of ways you can make your meal vegan:

  • Sofritas Burrito or Bowl - white or brown rice, black or pinto beans, fajita veggies, sofritas and any salsas

  • Sofritas Tacos - sofritas and any salsas (we like to add the fajita veggies too)

  • Sofritas Salad - romaine lettuce, black or pinto beans, fajita veggies and any salsas. Note the vinaigrette dressing is made with honey.

  • Veggie & Bean Burrito or Bowl - white or brown rice, black or pinto beans, fajita veggies, and any salsas

  • Chips with Guacamole

  • Chips with Salsa



Hand-picked favorites from the BLOK founders:

  • Sofritas Burrito Power Bowl - Brown rice, both types of beans, fajita veggies, sofritas and all the salsas.