Plant-based breakfast granola and cereal, healthy vegan brunch food. 


Not handy in the kitchen or short on time? This classic breakfast is as easy as it gets. Dress it up with some fruit, nuts or seeds for an even more satisfying experience. Look for cereals with lots of fiber and little or no added sugar. 



Core Ingredients:

  • Granola or Muesli or Cereal
  • Milk (non-dairy of course)

Optional Ingredients:

  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Coconut flakes
  • Cacao nibs
  • Almonds
  • Cashews

Granola & Cereal Suggestions:

  • Nature's Path Organic Love Crunch
  • One Degree Organics Granola
  • Uncle Sam Whole Wheat and Flaxseed Original
  • Barbara's Puffin's
  • Kashi GoLean
  • Kashi GoLean Crunch
  • Kashi Heart to Heart
  • Kashi Seven Grain Flakes
  • Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grains Granola
  • Bare Naked Granola
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Fiber One
  • Grape Nuts
  • All Bran


  1. Pour granola/muesli/cereal into bowl.
  2. Add optional toppings.
  3. Add plant milk.

As far as non-dairy milks go, you have lots of options.  These days it's fairly easy to find milks made of almond, coconut, flax, soy, oat, hemp, rice, cashew and even peas. Of course, reach for the unsweetened or lightly sweetened varieties. 



Muesli, cereal, vegan and healthy? Sign us up! This plant-based breakfast treat from Kenza Sol is legit AF. 


If you're interested in making your own granola from scratch Minimalist Baker has a great collection of recipes that aren't difficult at all. If you've never made granola at home you'll be surprised how much more delicious it tastes.