We’re excited to announce the launch of Plantbassadors – the BLOKLIFE vegan brand ambassador program! Whether you’re familiar with being a brand ambassador, or this is your first rodeo, we’re going to lay it all out for you.

plantbassador defined.

plantbassador \plant-ˈba-sə-dər\ noun - a person who acts as a representative or promoter for the BLOKLIFE message and vegan movement.

synonyms: vegan badass, plant pusher, veg head, vegan athlete, vegan ambassador, plant promoter, plant slayer, veggie, plant head, plant-based gangster, wellness consultant, superhero, plant junkie, earth lover, futurist, animal lover, plant evangelist, forward thinker.


Well, first off, Plantbassadors are the face of BLOKLIFE! They are people who:

  • love plants (and being vegan) as much as we do

  • have a high level of online social engagement and/or involvement in their community

  • align with the BLOKLIFE mission and want to share our brand ethos with the world

This program is designed to unify the biggest supporters of the BLOKLIFE vegan movement. As we all know, spreading the vegan message is much stronger in numbers. And it’s great getting to know other people on your same wavelength!


  1. All Plantbassadors will receive a unique promo code for 15% off that they can share with friends, family, social media, on their blog, etc.

  2. Each Plantbassador will receive a 10% commission on every sale they make, paid out up to 4 times per year.

  3. BLOKLIFE runs regular contests and giveaways that that are exclusive to Plantbassadors.

  4. Each Plantbassador will get access to our private Plantbassador Facebook Group where we can share ideas, network, and build community.

  5. We encourage every Plantbassador to add BLOKLIFE to their resume and LinkedIn pages. We are happy to be reference for you if you need it!

  6. Plantbassadors will have first access to all product releases.

  7. BLOKLIFE will tag and credit your photos if we re-post them on our website or Instagram channel.

  8. Each Plantbassador has the option of being added to our Plantbassador Team Page! It’s a great chance to cross-promote and meet other people on the same mission.

  9. All Plantbassadors will receive a one-time 50% off promo code to spend on any of the BLOKLIFE store items. This promo code is meant for personal use so you can get threaded up in all our modern vegan apparel.


  1. Get personally invited by one of the BLOKLIFE co-founders.

  2. Get referred by a Plantbassador (referrals should be emailed to hello@thebloklife.com).

  3. Apply to become a Plantbassador (submit the form below).



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