A plant-based gangster for more than 40 years, Wim Hof, commonly referred to as the “Iceman,” is changing the world through breath. This G has developed The Wim Hof Method—a combination of breathing techniques, cold exposure trainings, and change of mindset. His method provides control of the autonomous nervous systems of the body, giving us the ability to advance our immune system to fight off disease and ultimately be free from illness. Wim and his students were the first group in history to scientifically prove that control over these autonomous systems is actually possible.  

Proof that he’s onto something, the Dutch daredevil has broken Guinness World Records 26 different times, one being for longest ice bath, having stayed immersed for 1 hour and 52 minutes and 42 seconds. Hof has reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro dressed only in shorts, and has completed two marathons, one above the arctic circle with temperatures close to -20 C (-4 F), and one in the Namib Desert, without water. All made possible by controlling his body through his conscious breathwork. Some say he's crazy, but we say this gangster is as cool as ice.


We can do more than what we think. It’s a belief system that I have adopted and it has become my motto. There is more than meets the eye and unless you are willing to experience new things, you’ll never realize your full potential.
— Wim Hof


Disclaimer: This is an editorial piece. It does not imply that the person or persons mentioned in this story have any affiliation with BLOK. We're just showing love to our favorite plant enthusiasts across the globe. 

Photo Credit: Enahm Hof