Rich Roll is the ultimate story of triumph, and one of our biggest inspirations. A recovered alcoholic and former entertainment attorney turned accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete, Rich Roll embodies the notion that it’s never too late to embrace a major lifestyle shift. While the beginning of his sobriety in his mid-to-late 30’s was an integral part of his transformation, his moment of clarity was a simple stroll up his home stairs at age 40 that left him gasping for air. And right then and there, Rich Roll’s plant-based path was motivated by nutrition. 

In 2012, Rich became a #1 bestselling author with his memoir Finding Ultra. Soon after he launched the Rich Roll Podcast which now has over 25 million downloads and consistently sits atop the iTunes top 10 list. (Don’t slip on putting this in your podcast arsenal. Trust us.)  

Now at 50 years young, just 10 years into his vegan journey, he’s embarked on the EPIC5 Challenge (5 Iron Man’s in 5 Days) and just recently competed in the daunting Otillo Swimrun World Championship in Sweden.


Don’t overthink it. Just begin.
— Rich Roll


Disclaimer: This is an editorial piece. It does not imply that the person or persons mentioned in this story have any affiliation with BLOK. We're just showing love to our favorite plant enthusiasts across the globe.

Photo Credit: John Segesta