As two longtime health-conscious friends who found different paths to a plant-forward lifestyle, we founded BLOKLIFE in order to share our journey with others. 

As more and more friends and family members quizzed us on what we ate, we were struck by how often self-described progressive people tend to ignore the completely regressive nature of their diets. After helping many of our plant-curious friends take their first steps down a more enlightened road, we realized we had a message to share: Progress Over Perfection. We’ll never judge you for where you are in your journey. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto or straight omni, we aim to unite all progressive thinkers in a plant-based movement for a better world. 




IG: @plantbasedgangster

The original Plant-Based Gangster, Michael has been spreading the plant love since 2015. His transition from the classic meat and potato Midwestern diet to 100% plant-based was originally inspired by nutrition. Having zero intention of ever becoming vegan, Michael seamlessly transitioned away from all animal products month by month. Red meat and chicken the first month. Dairy the second month. And finally gave up fish right before going 100% plant-based. He related to other plant-based athletes and his new nutritional diet had eventually evolved into environmental and ethical motives as well. Michael’s mission is to unite outliers alike by raising the collective conscious on a plant-based lifestyle. The OG who could be found at underground techno parties before they were cool, is now taking his trendsetting back to the ground by showing everyone just how dope the plant lifestyle really is. 




IG: @plantihero

The journey that lead Chris to embrace plants started when he was a toddler thanks to the lessons instilled by his health obsessed mother. It also helped that she was a doctor as Chris had a on-tap resource to help him sift through the vague, confusing and often wrong information put out by all manner of “experts”. At first Chris’s interest in eating more plants was motivated by desires to increase athletic performance and look good at the beach. As we get older priorities evolve and things like longevity become important. Chris debated the merits of various diets for decades and it seemed that every conversation invariably lead back to the same conclusion: Want to be ripped, live to a ripe old age and perform at your peak the entire time?  EAT MORE PLANTS.