Vegans are having better sex. Increase your libido with plant-based diet. 

A new documentary The Game Changers backed by filmmaker and philanthropist David Cameron, which premiered at Sundance in late January, aims to redefine what most people think is the stereotypical vegan. The film profiles a number of elite athletes and soldiers, among others, who shatter the myth that vegans are a bunch of weak, scrawny, carrot munchers. One of the more compelling arguments the film presents for the plant-based lifestyle is how it can impact performance in the bedroom.

Do we have your attention, yet?

The film follows three college athletes who agree to wear a device that measures the health of their erections at night. Firmness and duration being the primary metrics. We'll be the first to admit that a sample size of three is tiny and more studies need to be done. However the preliminary results are hinting at something very exciting that all plant-based gangsters already know: If you want to f*ck like a rockstar, EAT MORE PLANTS.

LifestyleChris Lambrou