Vegan mafia investors bet on plant-based companies.

The future is green and even the non-vegans know it. A group of investors and entrepreneurs across the country (vegan and not,) have taken strides in funding startups focused on plant-based alternatives. The group commonly referred to as the “Vegan Mafia,” have taken a business approach in advocating a Vegan diet as means to global sustainability. 

Investors include PowerPlant Ventures fund head, Kevin Boylan, founder of ZICO Coconut Water, Mark Rampolla, and CEO of Cruise, a self-driving car technology, Kyle Vogt.

The group funds start-ups aimed to remove animals from the supply chain with environmental and societal factors in mind. The Vegan Mafia has invested in companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, both offering plant-based meat and cheese alternatives.

But the target isn’t those already living Vegan. The Vegan Mafia is after the masses by investing in companies that offer alternative choices to already existing foods.

New veg-head Kyle Vogt, believes that it’s possible to create alternatives that are both “better tasting and cheaper.” "And if they succeed, they will have an advantage over food that was raised in the traditional way,” he said.

A lot of people who are involved in our space are not vegan, but they view the current system as unsustainable.
— Jody Rasch of VegInvest