NFL players go vegan to boost performance. Plant-based athletes. 

In the high-stakes world of professional sports, teams and athletes will do whatever it takes to gain a competitive advantage. As more high profile athletes switch to a plant-based diet, teams have taken a keen interest in this performance hack. 

This season the Tennessee Titans had 11 players go vegan. The effort was led by linebacker Derrick Morgan, with help from his chef wife, Charity. In a recent interview, Morgan tells ESPN the story of how he and Charity slowly convinced more than a fourth of the Titans players to make the switch. He's convinced their plant-based diets helped them get lean, recover faster and even play better. The proof is in the pudding—this year the Titans made it to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. 

Another high profile athlete well known for his healthy lifestyle is the Patriots Tom Brady, who's leading his team to yet another Super Bowl appearance, his eighth overall. Brady was dominant in his late 30's and starting in yet another Super Bowl at 40! While not personally a vegan, the lion's share of Brady's diet is plant-based. He's also teamed up with vegan meal delivery service Purple Carrot to create a plant-based version of his TB12 program. Most likely only a matter of time before he goes fully plant-based.

As omnivores continue to get left in the dust by these plant-based badasses, BLOK is convinced these success stories will inspire more athletes to shatter the ridiculous myth that meat is necessary to build muscle.


Y’all crazy with this vegan thing.
— Linebacker Wesley Woodyard (before he went vegan)

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