MMA fighters study proves plant-based protein is better

Another ridiculous myth about animal protein's supposed superiority has been debunked. A group of MMA fighters recently participated in a scientific study where protein supplements derived from rice and milk whey were pitted against each other to determine if the there were any differences in maintaining and building muscle mass. The study's authors Douglas Kalman and Alison Escalante conclude, "It does not appear that there was any benefit to one protein source over another."

This study was looking only at the effects of whey vs plant-based protein as it relates to maintaining and building muscle mass. When you consider the other impacts dairy and animal proteins may have on long-term health and athletic performance it quickly becomes clear that supplementing with protein derived from animal products makes literally zero sense. Lets also not forget that producing plant-based proteins have orders of magnitude less environmental impact than the animal-based alternatives. 

Still not convinced? Its estimated 65% of the world's adult population cannot digest lactose after infancy, in some populations it's as high as 90%. Our bodies aren't designed to process it, drinking the lactate of another species just doesn't make sense. Consuming the hyper-processed by-product of cheese making makes even less sense. The dairy industry's efforts to rebrand whey as a nutritious protein supplement is laughable.

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