Smoked meats cause cancer. But car exhaust filters supposedly make smoked meats less carcinogenic. 

A group of scientists at the American Chemical Society came up with the idea to run the smoke used to cook meat through a filter borrowed from automobile exhaust systems. The goal was to see if they could reduce the amount of carcinogenic compounds in the food that the smoking process is well-known for.

Before we get into their results lets first acknowledge the absurdity of everything going on here. We're starting with something that's carcinogenic and cooking it with a process that adds carcinogens. Doesn't matter how much the smoking process is improved, the end product is still carcinogenic. It's similar to filtered vs unfiltered cigarettes. I suppose if forced to choose between the two the filtered is better. But it's still a cigarette!!  

Back to the results. Turns out running the smoke through this auto exhaust filter does indeed reduce the amount of carcinogens. We're guessing the irony of this effort is lost on most of the well-meaning scientists who conducted this study as it was also likely lost on the scientists who a few decades ago promoted "healthier" filtered cigarettes.  

At the end of the day, we get it - smoked foods are tasty. We've indulged in our fare share during our pre-vegan days. But just be honest with yourself about what you're putting in your body. Is it really worth the risk?


If I’m going to smoke something it better be green and come from the earth.
— Chris Lambrou, BLOK Co-Founder
Chris Lambrou