Beyonce goes vegan and challenges her fans to with the wrong meal plan

Beyonce is going plant-based! She made headlines Friday when posting on Instagram that she was going vegan in preparation for Coachella. She also encouraged her fans to join her and linked to a meal planner site she's affiliated with called 22 Days Nutrition.

This is huge news for the plant-based movement. Arguably one of the top influencers out there with over 112 million Instagram followers and a worldwide fan base, when Beyonce speaks the Beyhive listens. Thanks to her an unprecedented amount of attention has been focused on the plant-based diet in recent days. We can't thank her enough, this really has the potential to energize the plant-based movement.

While we're thrilled Beyonce is now on Team Plants, we're not so sure the cold-turkey approach she recommends is the best path for everyone. If you are a hyper-disciplined masochist perhaps cold-turkey is the best route. However, for the majority of the population a tapered approach is proven to have better results. BLOK's PLANT60 plan follows this tapered approach where you gradually wean yourself off animal products over the course of 2 months.

For someone that's been eating animal products their entire life to make the leap into veganism overnight is not only a shock to their biological system, but it can be an even bigger shock to their routine — and often times regarded as unattainable. PLANT60 is the plan that gets you to the same end goal, without upending your entire life in one day. While the cold-turkey approach might seem noble, it's not the right plan if you're looking for long-term success.

As of March 2018, PLANT60 is free and includes recipes, practical tips for eating out, supplements and a guide for stocking your plant-based pantry. Have questions about the plan?! Or just want to say hi? Email us at We'd love to hear from you. 


Most of the top vegan influencers in the world didn’t go vegan overnight. So why are they encouraging their fans to?
— Michael Palm, BLOK Co-Founder

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